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Why Use Talbots

Let the team work for you...

Let’s face it, there are a number of accountancy firms that you can engage and the choice is yours. Some will cost more than others and most will provide sound accounting advice with respect to general taxation matters. However, not all industries and accountants are the same. If you operate within a creative industry such as Film/TV, Music or Sport – then you qualify as a “special professional” which entitles you to additional tax rebates eg.” Income averaging”. Or if you are involved in a film production with an appropriate level of expenditure – you may quality for the “producers tax offset”. Unless your accountant has specialist knowledge in these areas, most will be unaware of the rebates/offsets that you may be entitled to claim.

In addition to the above, TME works on a fixed fee billing model as opposed to charging clients at an hourly rate. Therefore, you will know what the fee will be upfront before we commence work. All initial consultations are at our cost to establish if we can add value to your business or personal circumstances.  

TME only works with creative industries; therefore, we have in-depth knowledge of the media/entertainment and sports industries. Accordingly, we work closely with other professionals who specialise in this space e.g. Lawyers, financial planners, talent agents etc. and can refer you to these other professionals as the need arises.

Due to the global nature of media and entertainment, TME provides specialist tax advice for those clients that have both a domestic and international presence. With respect to international tax advice, TME will liaise with other specialist professionals with quality connections in the USA, UK and NZ. For those companies that require a resident Australian director whilst being domiciled overseas, this service can be provided by TME.